Marie Ellenrieder 1791-1863

Baerbel Kovalevski

ISBN 978-3-9812252-2-8

The present brief biography is devoted to the significant female painter of German Romanticism Marie Ellenrieder (1791-1863). She studied under Johann Peter von Langer at the Munich Academy from 1813-16 as the first woman accepted to study there. She continued her studies in Italy from 1822-24, where she was introduced by Louise Seidler to Friedrich Overbeck and the community of the Nazarenes.
The art theories of the Nazarenes had considerable impact on Ellenrieder, a deeply religious woman who had a tendency to self-doubt and asceticism. In her paintings she incarnated the longings of the Nazarenes for Truth, Purity and Sentiment. Although an excellent portrait painter Ellenrieder dedicated herself mostly to religious art and painted numerous altar pieces. She was appointed as court painter by Grand Duke Ludwig in 1829. Marie Ellenrieder’s legacy is that she contributed significantly to the renewal of German Romanticism painting.

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