Louise Seidler 1786-1866

Baerbel Kovalevski

ISBN 978-3-9812252-7-3

The present short biography is devoted to the significant female painter Louise Seidler (1786 Jena 1866 Weimar) who has achieved a position which was extraordinary for women at that time. She was first a pupil of L. Doell in Gotha. Then she studied since 1805 in Jena crayon painting under J. W. C. Roux and from 1811-14 under Gerhard von Kuegelgen in Dresden. After the study at the Munich Academy she stayed five years in Italy. Her affinity to the romantic arts of Nazarenes was consolidated in that time. She has painted besides religious and allegoric works also many impressive portraits of women and children which have been presented in many contemporary exhibitions. Goethe was her first promoter and later her director, as she became the custodian of the gallery of paintings in Weimar. Seidler was apart from other occupations the drawing master of the princesses Marie and Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. She was appointed in 1835 as court painter, and she was honored by the gold meritorious medal of Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach for arts and science.

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