Adolf Senff 1785-1863

Baerbel Kovalevski

ISBN 978-3-9812252-5-9

The present issue of the "Small Gallery" is devoted to the painter Carl Adolf Senff (1785-1863). He successfully completed his studies in theology and first became teacher at a public school (Buergerschule) in Leipzig. After 1809 he was employed as private tutor in the family of the well-recognized painter Gerhard von Kuegelgen (1772-1820) in Dresden. He stayed there for three years as the tutor of the children and as a pupil of the master. Then the war of 1812-1815 changed his plans: Carl Adolf Senff returned to Leipzig to paint portraits, and in 1815 he joined the military voluntarily to participate in the war. In 1816 he hiked to Italy via Prague and Vienna. He then remained in Rome from 1817 till 1848.
The reticent and sensitive artist belonged to the community of the Nazarenes, representatives of the new German Christian and patriotic arts, like Friedrich Overbeck and Philipp Veit. He was a friend of Berthel Thorvaldsen und Franz Catel. He painted portraits and successfully produced copies of Raphael’s masterpieces. Senff showed an extraordinary talent for painting flowers and became known as "Raffaelo di fiori". In 1848 he returned to Germany and lived in Ostrau near Halle until his death in 1863.

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