Louise Wolf 1796-1859

Baerbel Kovalevski

ISBN 978-3-9812252-4-2

The present issue of the "Small gallery" is devoted to the Munich female painter Louise Wolf, 1796-1859. She was the daughter of the historian Peter Ph. Wolf, who acquired the printing office at the Academy of Sciences and was editor of the newspaper Münchner politische Zeitung.
In 1813 Louise Wolf became a student of the Munich Academy of Arts. She presented her historian paintings at the exhibitions of the Academy in 1820, 1823, 1829 and 1845. Her broad education and dedication to contemporary arts promoted her to the center of a circle of artists and writers. Highly esteemed by her friends, most of her works remained in private possession and consequently have gone lost or missing today. The shortage of orders for her paintings threw Louise Wolf into a depression thereby sharpening her understanding of the position of women in society without any rights. She directed the editing house of the Munich political newspaper from 1836 until her death. Being an excellent painter, she contributed significantly to the formation and distribution of the Neogothic style in Germany.

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